Amazing onboarding experiences start here

Eureka makes it easy for HR and managers to create intelligent and personalized employee onboarding experiences by leveraging data from the tools a team already uses.


Onboard team members faster and with less overhead

Don’t spend time searching Google for onboarding checklists and plans. Eureka helps you create the perfect plan, recommends the right meetings to setup and provides answers to the new employee, freeing up the rest of your team to focus on welcoming their new teammate. 


Reduce information overload

Just-in-time information delivery improves knowledge retention and improves productivity. Deliver policies, surveys and contextually appropriate content based on your new employee’s actual activity, right when it makes the most impact.


Understand and improve your process

Surface onboarding issues faster with insights sourced from the tools and systems your new employee is using. Intelligent suggestions help you focus your attention on high impact areas.