Streamline new employee onboarding

Automate dynamic new hire onboarding experiences that reduce busywork and engage new hires, managers and the team.

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Automate every step

Automatically schedule meetings, tasks, introductions and check-ins through the tools your team already uses every day.

Set up reusable workflows for every new employee that improve their engagement while reducing the need for manual & routine tasks.

Get everyone involved

Engage managers, buddies and members of different teams in the onboarding process by using nudges and just in time messages.

Keep everyone on track and deliver a consistently high quality onboarding process.

Connect new hires to the right people

Introduce new employees, remote or in person, to key connections across the company by using existing patterns of teamwork and communication.

Ensure that every new hire understands how their team works with others and who can help them get work moving forward no matter how distributed they are.

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